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Please Don't Hurt Abby the Labby!
Children can learn that animals have feelings, too

Wendy Wyatt’s innovative children's book, Please Don’t Hurt Abby the Labby! is a must read for children ages 4-8. As a social worker in the Bernards Township public schools, Basking Ridge, NJ, Ms. Wyatt is well aware of the problems that occur when kids haven’t a clue what is involved in responsible pet ownership or simply how to treat animals. Her lively and informative book will change all that as it challenges readers to become “public defenders” of animals by passing on the message of love and kindness.

The thought-provoking title invites discussion, and appealing photos with a retro, hand-colored look capture the enduring bond between humans and animals. Even the youngest reader will identify with Abby and understand that puppies, like children, need to be raised with love if they are to grow up and give love in return.

Wendy Wyatt’s book is endorsed by The Seeing Eye; David Frei, co-host of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show; Joan Lowell Smith, syndicated pet columnist, The StarLedger; Dr. Brian Voynick, veterinarian and host of The Pet Stop, News 12, NJ and Paul Wisenthal, writer for The New York Times on youth related subjects.

Wendy Wyatt lives in northern New Jersey with her family and the real Abby the Labby, all grown up. Before employment as a social worker, she taught art for 10 years in the public schools and is a former assistant professor of design at The College of New Jersey. She received a B.F.A. from Syracuse University, and a M.Ed. from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Wendy has had a life long love for animals. She has owned at least 11 different breeds of dogs and numerous canine mutts, cats and birds.

Wendy is available for school visits, interviews or speaking engagements.

Title: Please Don’t Hurt Abby the Labby!                           
Author: Wendy Wyatt
Photographs by: Carol Max & Gayle Burns
Book Design: Marnie K. Vyff, ecoLOGIC-design.com

Publication Date: April 1, 2005
ISBN: 0-9764773-0-0
Price: $18.95 
Pages: 32 / Size: 8x10
Available from: AbbyLab Press, LLC
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eMail: abbylabpress@optonline.net
Web site: www.abbylabpress.com


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